Rasta Imposta Women's Macaron Dress

$ 39.99

The Chicest of Treats Ever since Marie Antionette ruled with an infamous sweet tooth, the ever lovely macaron has been a dessert delicacy. No wonder, the featherweight texture and perfect colors make it the perfect, fashionable party treat! And we have to say, the French knew their way around sweets before anyone else. A man named Vatel invented whipped cream in the late 1600s, changing the fate of fancy coffees. The first nougat factory was opened in the late 1700s. And soon after that, the bar for desserts was raised for good in 1793 when macarons were invented. The colors, creamy center, and amazingly airy texture took French fashion and made it edible. Can you say "Ooohlala!"? Product Details As sweet and simple as the French dessert itself, this costume will be a classic for years to come. The little black dress features pink and mint color fabric cookies and they have sparkly fabric filling. Sheer fabric is overlaid on top. It's cinched at top with a gold sash and a rather high price tag attached. With a fancy ruffle on top, you'll feel rather decadent as soon as you slip into this look.  Sweet Retreat Are you ready to embrace the sweeter side of life? When you're rocking this bright and cheerful look, you're sure to gain a different perspective on life. Maybe you'll start noticing other people with sweet attitudes. You'll notice that the suns shining just right, the way the fall leaves crunch just right, and how nice your neighborhood looks in the fall. Who needs to go to Paris when you're making your own town so darn fancy. Well, now that we think about it, Paris still seems pretty great. Maybe you'll end up with an invitation to the city of love by the end of your next costumed event! - Dress - Beret - Choker

  • MACARON DRESS COSTUME BY RASTA IMPOSTA - Show how continental you are with this dress representing Paris and one of that cities favorite confections.
  • FUN DETAILS - A French dream with delicious details to match.
  • DESIGN & INCLUDES - Tank dress with pink and green macarons, tulle wrap, gold ribbon and price tag. Includes dress, beret and choker.
  • FIT - Size fits small/medium, ladies 4-8.
  • DIMENSIONS - 27.25" x 16.4" (L x W) + hat